727 - İstanbul Sofya Treni - OnurPassenger

Istanbul Sofia train guide for beginners

Couchettes for groups

Couchettes are for 4 passengers. Two seats/beds in each side. There’s only one couchette wagon, which means max capacity for 40 passengers.

No luxary, but good talk

There’s no sink, refrigirator, hanger nor table (come on, that’s not a table). But you’ll have an excellent travel by talking with old or new friends till late hours.

Belgrad İstanbul yolcuları - Onur
Couchette. Photo: Onur Uysal

Cheapest way to travel alone

Couchette has one big advantage. If you travel alone, you pay for one person in couchette. And possibility to have 3 new friends is for free.

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