727 - İstanbul Sofya Treni - OnurPassenger

Istanbul Sofia train guide for beginners

WC outside compartment

There are two WCs in the wagon, each at one end. One is the usual style, the other is the Turkish style. They are clean and have toilet paper.

Limited space for luggages

There’s a shelf over table in sleepers, where you can put luggages. It can easily take two big luggages. For more, you need to put it on floor.

For couchettes, floor is the only space for luggages, which may be a problem if all for passengers come with heavy load.


There are enough lighting in the compartment. One is nightlight, other two lightens compartment in two different levels. There is also reading light next to each bed.

Air conditioning

Air conditioning is a little out of your control. There’s a central system which is controlled by TCDD staff. It makes the whole train cold in a very short time. Maybe it’s also for heating.

There’s also a heater in the compartment which is under your control. Buttons are over the door.

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  1. I took the train this weekend but the train arrived in Sofia 4 hours later and on the way back, the train arrived in Halkali 2 hours later. I tried to claim but TCDD does not want to be responsible for it. Do you know how i can claim for it?


    • Hi Gonzalo. Sorry about that. TCDD Tasimacilik website explains such cases as below: “If it becomes clear that train will arrive destination with a delay of 60 min or more, passenger has the right to get off the train. Then the amount for “not travelled distance” will be refunded. This has to be done during travel, not afterwards. After travel, the only channel TCDD accepts complaints is written application to head of TCDD Tasimacilik or regional offices (in Istanbul, it’s at Haydarpasa). Since it’s a cooperated train, you can also follow steps of BDZ (Bulgarian State Railways).


  2. Hi, I shall be traveling to Istanbul for a holiday,and would like to visit sofia, some information (1) where to buy Train ticket ( 2) what is the cost for sleeper for two (3)how much it cost (4)and where to buy tickets in Istanbul (5)up to date timetable,I would appreciate in advance for info you will provide, cheers


  3. Hi ..
    thank you so match for all these important information.
    some details was not enough clear for me, about prices; It,s a bit confused:
    1- Should I by ticket for couchette first, then I have to by ticket for sleepers in addition?
    2- is single room (one bed) available? how much is it?
    3- How much the ticket (istanbul – sofia) – including sleeper (room with 2 beds- and single room).
    4- Can I buy tickets for round trip from Istanbul? Is it good choice?
    best regards


  4. Hi, is it possible to buy the tickets a day before departure? Will they be likely sold out? departure is Sunday (night) in March.


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