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First train departed, second to depart soon on Baku-Tblisi-Kars

As the first freight train on Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway will depart today from Baku, preparation for second train has already started.

The first freight train which will run on recently opened Baku-Tblisi-Kars railway has departed from Kostanay region of Kazakhstan with full of grain. There’s an opening ceremony today at Baku. The train will depart today from Baku, after the ceremony, and follow Tblisi-Kars to Mersin.


While first train is on rail, Kazakhstan already started preparations of second train which will go through Baku-Tblisi-Kars railway. The second train will carry coal.

Grain and coal are expected to be the main commodity to be transported on Baku-Tblisi-Kars railway, all to depart from Kazakhstan. Total volume of these two goods is expected to reach 2.5 million tonnes in first year.

Cover Photo: Kazakhstan Railways ©

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  1. Why they chose Mersin as final port and not İskenderun? İskenderun has the advantage to have an electrified line, that Mersin hasn’t.


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