770 - Bakü Mersin treni Ahılkelek - TCDD TaşımacılıkRail Freight

Baku train is at Mersin in record time

The train departed from Baku on 30th of October arrived Mersin today.

The train which departed from Kazakhstan with grain and departed from Baku on 30th of October after a ceremony where presidents of 3 countries participated arrived Mersin today.

After containers loaded onto Azeri wagons at Baku, the train arrived the break-of-gauge station, Akhalkalaki, on 2nd of November. There the containers loaded with grain was transhipped from Azerbaijan wagons to Turkish wagons. The handling lasted on 9 hours. Then train arrived Kars late night for customs process. After customs process completed at night, train departed from Kars early in the morning.

The train set with 15 wagons arrived late afternoon today at Mersin. Train completed a distance of 2000 km in 5 days including handling and customs clearance.

Performance of train is as follows:

  • Baku-Akhalkalaki (730 km): 3 days
  • Akhalkalaki terminal operation: 9 hours
  • Kars customs: a few hours
  • Kars-Mersin (1300 km): 1.5 days

Train completed 1300 km in Turkey in record time as 1.5 day, which is close to average speed of China-Russia-Europe trains.

Cover Photo: TCDD Taşımacılık ©


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