780 - Yeni Van Gölü feribotu - ZakirRail Freight

Ferry problem of Iran trains soon to end

Solution is very close about Van Lake crossing problem of Iran trains.

The new rail ferry which will replace the old ones to cross Van Lake will be commissioned very soon. Van Lake is the main obstacle for rail freight between Turkey and Iran.

The first rail ferry which was ready for a long time but could not start service since rail connections and ramp were not ready. Now the ramps and connections in both sides of the lake are almost completed.

The ferry was started to be build in 2011 and was put on lake in 2015. The new ferry has 10 times bigger capacity than the old ones. As new one replaced the old ones which are small, slow and need repair very frequently, the queues are expected to end at Van Lake.

The first new ferry is expected to start service on first month of 2018, where the second is under construction.

Cover Photo: Zakir Bozkurt ©


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