809 - Omsan treni Yenicede - OmsanRail Freight

Car train at Mersin in record time

The car train which departed from Izmit had arrived Mersin in record time.

The train which was carrying finished vehicles of Omsan Logistics had departed from Kosekoy (Izmit) on 29th December afternoon and arrived at Yenice (Mersin) the following day, in slightly less than 30 hours.

This was another success of TCDD Tasimacilik where a distance of 1000 km was completed in slightly more than a day. TCDD Tasimacilik had recently transported Baku train very fast, completing 1300-km-long distance in 36 hours.

As engineering works completed, railway renewed, loco/driver changes organized better and trains run non-stop, the transit times started to become better and better.

Cover Photo: Omsan Logistics ©

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  1. hi is it possible to send my motorcycle by train to izmir from konay or mersine?


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