808 - Greenbrier car carrier - OnurRailway Companies

Greenbrier wagons at Turkey

For the first domestic finished vehicle transport in Turkey by rail, car carriers of Greenbrier were used.

Omsan Logistics has started using Laaers type open car carrier wagons produced by Greenbrier for the domestic finished vehicle transport. The traffic started on the last days of 2017.

Wagons are 4axle, have a capacity of 34 tons and can carry 12 standard cars per wagon. The doubledeck wagons can also carry vehicles like minibuses by lowering the upper deck.

The wagons are not registered in Turkey, which means they can be used maximum 3 months in Turkey. Omsan has rented these wagons during this period.

Turkey has become one of the markets that Greenbrier, the leading wagon producer, focused. Greenbrier has an agenda of local production of wagons and fleet management in Turkey.

Cover Photo: Onur Uysal ©


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