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In which countries driver only operation is allowed?


In Germany, UK, France, Italy, Poland, Spain, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Nederland, Austria, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Belgium and Lithuania, DOO is standard. The route must be fully signalized.

In some countries like Germany and Sweden, it’s very common that loco driver also do shunting and brake test by himself using remote control.

Nederland accepted DOO since 50s. If there’s no remote control, second driver is on duty during shunting.

DOO is very common in Hungary. Second loco driver is only used when front view is restricted.

In Portugal, second loco driver was a must. Recently DOO has started to be allowed on lines where CTC ad ATP systems work properly.

Romania, Bulgaria, Greece and Estonia are the countries where second loco driver is a must. DOO is under discussion in Romania nowadays.

The research done by ERA shows that DOO is not a meaningful factor in train accidents.

ERA bünyesinde yapılan çalışmalar, tek ve iki makinistin tren kazalarında anlamlı bir faktör olmadığını gösteriyor.


There are two drivers in freight trains. Second driver is called assistant driver. Assistant driver should work with main loco driver at least 10 years and use shunting locos at least 2 years before being a main loco driver.

New Zeland

DOO is very common in New Zeland for the lines in radio coverage.


DOO is allowed in Brazil.

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  1. In Japan, All Freight trains are operated by one-man driver since about 20 years ago.
    Feel free to ask and contact us about efficiency train-operation.


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