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New year tariff by TCDD Tasimacilik

TCDD Tasimacilik announced 5% increase in domestic rail freight.

New domestic rail freight tariff of TCDD Tasimacilik is increased by 5% to be valid starting from today. Based on new tariff, the standard transport of 1000 tons of freight will be carried for TL 90k by TCDD Tasimacilik.

The minimum transport fee per wagon is 207 TL/wagon.

It’s not mentioned until what time this new tariff is valid. But similar to last year, prices may be updated in the middle of the year.

TCDD did not shift to “one price per km-ton” as it did last year. There’s no different tariffs for continued and new transports either.

Other two private operators are not expected to announce any tariff, since they are just carrying pre-agreed goods on pre-agreed routes.

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