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Rail transport in Eskisehir

There’s a well designed tram system which run through narrow streets of city in Eskisehir.

Last update: October 2020

Eskisehir has one of the highest ridership and longest rail network per ciziten among Turkish cities (Metro and tram in Turkish cities – 2019).

UITP award

Eskisehir has the only city using narrow tram line (1000 mm) which had been awarded by UITP in 2004 among 12 projects including Zurich, Bruxel, Dresden and Rotherdam based on design, high technology and environment policy.

40 km, 41 mn pax

Eskisehir has 40-km-long rail network. There are 47 tram sets in the fleet. In addition to 33 Bombardier that started giving service in the beginning, 14 Skoda trams had entered the fleet in 2018.

Tram becomes the backbone of the city transport, where ridership is steady for a long time: 41 mn. With new lines under construction, the ridership is expected to increase after pandemic.

Ridership in Eskisehir tram

Trams are running on 7 different routes on Eskisehir tram network.

Eskişehir tram map 2020

Test runs on new lines

Eskisehir Metropolitan Municipality has been constructing 3 new tram lines, Sehir Hastanesi-75.Yıl Mahallesi, Opera-Yildiz and Opera-Otogar. Test runs started on May.

4 other lines have been planned, but works have not started yet:

  • SSK-2 Eylul Kampusu tram
  • Osmangazi-2 Eylul Kampusu tram
  • Osmangazi-TCDD Gar tram
  • Kent Hastanesi-Esentepe tram

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