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Metro and tram in Turkish cities – 2019

Which cities have wider usage of rail, which is more efficient, which one of the metro, tram and suburban systems are used in Turkish cities?

For the fourth time, we are publishing the comparative analysis of metro and tram systems in Turkish cities.

The total rail network being used for urban transport in Turkey has reached to 778 km.

1.37 bn passengers used metro, tram and suburban system in 2018. This means 13% increase compared to previous year.

2805 rail cars are being used for urban transport. Half of this is metro cars (1297 araç). Suburban cars (755) and tram cars (574) have also important share.

Currently, 12 cities have metro and tram systems on operation.

In 7 cities only tram, in one city only metro is being used.

In 4 cities, at least 2 of metro/tram/LRV/suburban systems are on operation. In 3 metropols, Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir, national rail network is being used for suburban trains.

Here below are the comparative analysis of metro and tram systems in Turkish cities:

Longest rail network
Biggest rolling stock fleet
Highest ridership
Highers ridership per citizen
Longest network per citizen
Highest ridership per km
Highest increase in ridership
Fastest growing rail network
Most efficient suburban train
Most efficient metro
Most efficient tram

Cover photo: Onur Uysal ©

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