160 - Kadıköy Kartal Metro - OnurUrban Transport

Metro and tram in Turkish cities – 2019

Most efficient suburban train

As Baskentray in Ankara and Marmaray in Istanbul are commissioned, 3 metropol cities of Turkey started using suburban trains effectively.

In 2018, Marmaray had carried 68 million passengers on 13.5 km long line, reaching the highest ridership/km among all.

Izban, suburban service of Izmir, giving service on 136-km-long line from Aliaga to Selcuk, had carried 85 million passengers.

Baskentray in Ankara had carried 8.5 million passengers on 37 km long line.

As Gaziantep suburban train, Gaziray, starts service, the comparision will be more interesting in following years.

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