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Metro and tram in Turkish cities – 2019

Highest ridership per km

Metro/tram lines are huge investments. Population density, route, integration with other transport systems highly effects the usage.

To understand how correct and efficient those investments are, we focused on how densely system is used, thus compared the ridership per distance.

Istanbul is on the top of the list, with 3.2 million passengers per km, far ahead of other cities. Some tram lines in Istanbul are being operated very close to metro capacity.

Bursa has 2nd rank, 1.9 million passengers per km. Bursa has reached this value with LRV and trams, which have lower capacity.

Kocaeli is 3rd on the list. It was 5th last year, but had grown fast in 2018. Having reached this ridership with only 10 km long line, it shows how succesfull this investment is.

Ankara was 2nd, and now 4th on list. With Baskentray, the network length increased fast, however ridership did not increase so fast.

Izmir preserves the 5th rank dropping from 1.3 to 1.2 million. Strike in Izban and recently opened trams have effected negatively.

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