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10 countries, 11500 km: China train at Turkey

The train departed from China which will pass through 10 countries to Czechia is at Turkey.

There will be a ceremony at Ankara today for container train that departed from Xian province of China and is going to Prague.

The train will cover 11483 km to Prague which is planned to last 18 days. Train is carrying electronic parts in 42 containers.

This train is using the southern route via Turkey and is expected to get share from current traffic via Kazakhstan-Russia-Belarus-Poland with a transit time of 15 days and an annual volume of 350k containers.

Train used the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars line which was opened in late 2017. It’ll cross Bosphorus via Marmaray tunnel and will be the second international freight train using the tunnel.

If this run succeeds, Xian-Prague train will start regular service via Turkey.

A ceremony is held today at 14:30 in Ankara Train Station.

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  1. Hi Onur,
    I was at the event in Ankara on Wednesday and I’m going to send you some photographs (hopefully today).


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