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When will metro projects of Istanbul be commissioned?

A couple of decisions have been taken to speed up the metro projects of Istanbul.

The mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Mr Uysal stated that the metro projects spreaded to long term are increasing the costs a lot. Mayorship will overtake some duties like compulsory purchase and permissions which will speed up the projects.

The six metro projects are revised based on this idea and restarted.

Deadlines of some of the metro projects under construction have also been revised.

Here are the new deadlines of all 15 rail projects in Istanbul:

838 - Deadlines for Istanbul metro and tram projects

Deadlines for Istanbul metro and tram projects

To be commissioned in 2018

Marmaray (1) is the biggest rail project connecting Gebze to Halkali. The line will be commissioned in December 2018.

Kabatas-Mecidiyekoy-Mahmutbey’s first phase, Mecidiyekoy-Mahmutbey (2a) will open by the end of this year.

2nd phase of Uskudar-Cekmekoy metro, Yamanevler-Cekmekoy will be commissioned in June 2018.

Eminonu-Alibeykoy tram (3) will open this year.

First phase of Bostanci-Dudullu, Bostanci-IMES (5a) will open late 2018.

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  1. in the previous post, the post about 10 billion lira metro budget, there are mentioned in table that the airport metro will be finished by 2022.

    • Very carefull, cong.. 🙂 Let me give more detailed answer now. I guess, 2022, at that time was announced considering the whole connection Gayrettepe-3rd airport-Halkali. Because even at that time, the 2017 budget has an assumption that 45% of the budget. 2022 is still the target date for Halkali-3rd airport metro.

      There’s a great effort to open the metro asap, since 1st phase of airport will be completed by October 2018. Again I guess, the express line between Gayrettepe and airport will catch the target date, which is next year.

  2. I heard that the line of 3rd airport metro is fully underground, when the construction starts if it’s open in late 2019, because it’s 37km.


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