855 - Kapikule Station - VitaliRail Freight

Border crossing of trains will speed up

International freight train will cross the borders faster.

Legislation about speeding up the border crossing of freight trains was accepted and published this week. Here are highlights:

7×24 service

Border stations will keep open 24 hours a day if freight volume is enough.

Plant/animal checks

Checks of plants and animals were being done at other locations which cause delays. The border stations will be equipped for these checks.

Bounded warehouses

Bounded warehouses will be built for temporary storage of goods before customs clearance.

IT systems

Border stations will be equipped with necessary IT systems to follow the information about loads before they arrive to border.


In order to overcome the dense traffic, staff of railway, customs etc will be strengthened.

Customs checks

Double checks for the same objective in two sides of the border will be eliminated. The checks at border will be simplier, main checks will be done at departure/arrival stations. In general, if information is complete and seals are ok, there’ll be no physical checks at border.

Crossing time

The crossing time will be in line with the agreements. Delays will be examined and related parties will be informed.


CIM and SGMS will be used instead of other way bills.

Cover Photo: V. ©


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