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Turkey-Iran train service to start

Train service between Turkey and Iran will start on 18th of June.

After being suspended three years ago, one of the two train services, Van-Tabriz will start on 18th of June.

The train service will be given by Iran couchette wagons. Train will have 4 couchette wagons and a capacity of 240 seats/berths.

Different than TCDD’s 4-berth-couchettes, 6-berth-couchettes will be used at Van-Tabriz train.

The distance between Van and Tabriz is 331 km. The train is expected to cover this distance in 8 hours. Trair fare is announced as 10.8 €.

Train will depart from Tabriz every Monday, and from Van every Tuesday. Though two departures in each direction was announced, there’s no official announcement about the other departure day.

Travel details, timetable and ticketing of Van Tabriz train

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  1. Does TCDD still offer to cross the Van golu by ferry ? Are the new boats ready ?

    A pitty, I just planned my trip to Teheran via Kars and Nahçivan…

  2. hello is there any rail link between Mersin Port and Umm Quasar Port, Irak.?

  3. No not yet. But they are working on a rail link from Chorramschar to Basra. To my knowledge the part in Iran has been build and they are waiting to finish the bridge over the Shatt-all-arab.

  4. There is a link, the old way via Bagdad, Mawsil and Gaziantep. This passes trough Syria…

    • (and without boat on lake Van!), so there is no rupture of charge…


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