874 - Traxx loco at KapikuleRolling Stock

Temporary permit for second hand locos

The legislation was updated last week bringing partial ease for import of second hand locos to Turkey.

According to recently added article to “legislation for registration of rolling stock”, TSI/UTP will not be a must for second hand locos and train sets. However, these cars must be less than 10 years old.

The temparary article will be valid until 2020. Starting with 2021, TSI/UTP will be again a must for the second hand locos imported to Turkey.

Loco supply is one of the main problems for liberalization of railway transportation nowadays. TCDD Tasimacilik does not rent its locos any more focusing in its own transports. Global loco manufacturers and rental companies have not entered Turkish market yet.

This legislation may be a solution for loco supply problem. And limitation of 10 years will certainly prevent many old locos which are about to be discarded from European market entering Turkey.

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