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New attraction for freight: Marmaray pass

The Marmaray pass which will open in the beginning of 2019 may change the logistics map of Istanbul.

The second phase of Marmaray project, the surface lines between Pendik and Halkali are announced to be commissioned in the beginning of 2019. In additon to suburban trains, the freight trains will also be able to use this pass under Bosphorus, and will cross from one continent to the other without rail ferry.

The freight trains will be allowed after midnight, where suburban trains do not work. Thus, crossing between Europe and Asia, which is taking 1-2 days waiting for the ferry and 12 hours for travel will be done within hours. Most probably much less than the current cost, which is 13.6 €/ton.

Though Turkey focused on the motto “connecting China to England”, Marmaray will affect the Turkey-Europe traffic first.

Currently, 2-3 trains are departing from Halkali towards Europe everyday. Great portion of the loads of these trains belong to Asian side, Gebze-Izmit-Adapazari-Eskisehir region.

Furthermore, many other clients in Asian side, prefer Ro-Ro connected intermodal lines to trains due to high costs of crossing the bridge and reaching Halkali.

If high capacity and well administration can be provided, we can see some of the Halkali trains crossing all the way through Istanbul during midnight.

Cover photo: Nurol İnşaat ©


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