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Tudemsas attracts attention of world

Interest of foreign companies to Turkey’s biggest freight wagon producer, Tudemsas, increases.

Tudemsas, the manufacturer of most of the freight wagons in Turkey, is facing increasing interest of global railway compaines nowadays.

Swiss wagon leasing company Wascosa was the first among those companies to discuss supply of pocket wagons for Ekol Logistics.

Three visits followed in October.

First was Rail Cargo, which strengthened its place in Turkish market by cooperation with Rail Cargo. The company took attraction in Innotrans with innovative wagon designs. Supply of freight wagons and spare parts for Rail Cargo was discussed in the meeting.

Second visit was by GATX, USA  based freight wagon leasing company.

Last was not an official announcement, but took place in local press. It was written that Skoda visited Tudemsas and offered joint production. This was not confirmed by Tudemsas.

Tudemsas moved fast as new regulations started and got an important share from the market. Tudemsas’ 90’ container wagon took attention while giving service on European tracks. Location of the company is also impressive, at the crossroads connecting Caucasus, Iran and Mersin. Sivas is also known with strong private rail companies like Gokyapi, RC Endustri.

Cover Photo: Tüdemsaş ©

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  1. Dear Onur, in your article “Tudemsas attracts attention of the world” you wrote: “Czech wagon manufacturer Wascosa was the first …”. Wascosa is a Swiss railcar leasing company, but not a Czech wagon manufacturer.
    My question now is, who visited Tudemsas, Wascosa or a Czech wagon manufacturer (which one?).
    Kind regards, Matthias Knüpling

    • Ah.. Thank you.. That is my fault.. Wascosa visited Tudemsas together with a manufacturer (TBK Gmbh). I’ll correct that right now..


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