821 - Turkrail train with Sggmrs wagonsRolling Stock

Tudemsas’ new wagon on European rails

Tudemsas’ new 90’ container wagons have started being used between Turkey and Europe.

The 90’ Sggmrs type container wagon produced by Tudemsas has crossed Turkish border for the first time. Wagons, carrying 2×45’ containers, had departed from Halkali on Friday and went to Austria.

Tudemsas’ new generation container wagon is the lightest 90’ container wagon of Europe with a tara of 25.5 tons. Wagon has 6 axles and can carry 109.5 tons on D-class railway.

With these wagons, rail transport with 45’ containers is expected to be seen more on Turkish rail network, similar to Europe.

Cover Photo: Turkrail ©

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