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Van Lake ferry to start soon

The new rail ferry which will be used for Van Lake crossing has completed its first trial service succesfully.

The new ferry replacing the old ferries which will be used by trains crossing Van Lake between Turkey and Iran/Central Asia, has completed its first trial with loaded freight wagons.

The new ferry carried coal wagos and a few wheeled vehicles using the new ramps and rail connections.

The new ferry has 10 times bigger capacity. It can carry 50 wagons at the same time and decreases the transit time to 3.5 hours. Old ferries have been causing many delays due to engine breakdowns, thus new one will provide more stable service. New ferries have longer lines, which means trains will need less shunting, thus charging/discharging will take less time.

Another rail ferry is also under construction.

First new ferry is expected to start service very soon.

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  1. Onur bey, merhaba! Are the ferries running now? We have tickets for Tatvan, but we’d like to go to Van.


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