916 - İkinci 100 gün eylem planıRailway Infrastructure

Second 100-days action plan and railways

No surprise about HSTs

Konya high speed train stations, which had planned for the first 100-days plan, will be commissioned in this period.

The laying ofrails on Ankara-Sivas HST line will continue. 120 km was planned in first plan and it’s planned to reach to 450 km in this period. The total length of line is800 km (double track in 400 km long route), thus over half of the rails will be completed. Laying of rails continue in Yerkoy-Sivas section. Further steps are laying of rails in Ankara-Kirikkale-Yerkoy section, signalization and electrification.

Another target in this period is the tender for Halkali-Cerkezkoy high speed line. The tender for the first part, Cerkezkoy-Kapikule, was done in recent months.

323 - Yerköy Yozgat Sivas demiryolu
Photo: Cengiz Insaat

Electrification and signalization

The target of 376-km electrification and 282-km signalization of 1st plan has been put again, this time in detail.

Here are electrification and signalization works to be completed in this period:

  • Balikesir-Bandirma (signalization): By this, electrification and signalization of Bandirma-Manisa will be completed.
  • Samsun-Kalin (signalization): Samsun will meet trains again after more than 3 years.
  • Ulukisla-Yenice (electrification): Electric locos will replace diesel ones on Bogazkopru (Kayseri)-Yenice(Mersin) railway where there’s a huge freight train traffic.
716 - Electric lines - Jeff
Photo: Jeff Hawken
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