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Tulomsas unveiled new car carrier

Tulomsas announced start of batch production of car carriers which completed design, manufacture and certification steps.

After being on headlines with HST set tender and then hybrid shunting loco, Tulomsas announced a new products in 2019: Car carrier.

Hccrrs type car carrier is a twin wagon. It has a tara of 39 tons and a length of 31 meters. Wagon can take 12 cars.

Tulomsas car carrier

The height is 4570 mm. It’s double deck, and the height of upper deck can be changed according to height of cars. That allows transportation of most popular two different types of cars together.

Tülomsaş araç taşıma vagonu
Tulomsas car carrier

As TSI certification is completed, the wagons can be used for international transport as well.

These wagons are densely used especially at USA and Europe. In Turkey it’s mainly used for imports from Central Europe, where many popular brands like Renault, Skoda, BMW, Mercedes were involved. Since early 2018, Omsan Logistics has started using rail for domestic transport of cars, between Izmit and Adana.

Photos: Tulomsas

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