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Driverless metro in 10 questions

By Uskudar-Umraniye-Cekmekoy metro line, cizitens of Istanbul meet the first driverless metro of Turkey.

What is driverless metro? Here are the most frequently asked questions about driverless metros:

How automatic is Uskudar-Umraniye-Cekmekoy metro?

There’s no driver in Uskudar-Umraniye-Cekmekoy (M5) metro. The accelaration, breaking, stopping, opening/closing of doors are managed by software. There’s a operational control center where all metro cars are traced. M5 line is a fully automated line according to international classification (GoA4, UTO).

How common is driverless metro?

As of last month, there are 64 metro lines in 42 cities of 19 countries. The rail network has reached to 1030 km.

Does driverless metro become widespread?

The driverless metro network was 803 km in 2016. In 2 years it became 1030 km. With the ongoing investments and projects, it’s expected to reach to 2300 km in 2025.

Which countries lead in driverless metro?

Longest driverless metro network is in France. Canada and Singapore follow. UAE is the fourth in the world.

When first driverless metro run?

World’s first driverless metro had started operation in Kobe, Japan in 1981. Europe’s first driverless metro was commissioned in 1983 in Lille. Though it’s not driverless, London was the first to use automatic train operation system (ATO) in 1967.

Why driverless metro?

Driverless metro enables reacting quickly to increase and decrease in demand, using metro line with full capacity, using metro cars with maximum efficiency and minimizes the risk of human error.

Is it safe?

Until now, none of the driverless metro was involved in any accident except the one in India. However, that accident was during trial run and accident happened when train enters station where metro was under human control.

What’s needed for driverless metro?

Well designed signalization tracking locations and speeds of all metro cars, software which uses all signals to drive the metro, metro cars which can be drived via this software and platform screen doors integrated with this system.

Will there be more driverless metros in Turkey?

M5 is yet the only one driverless metro in Turkey, but having a very huge capacity (#1 in Europe, #3 in world). More is being constructed and planned in Istanbul. Yenikapi-Ataturk Airport/Kirazli (M1) is also planned to be upgraded as driverless metro.

Will driverless metro weaken the local production efforts in rail?

Municipality aims to use locally developed driverless metro system in M1 line. If succeeded, it’ll be a great contribution to local production efforts.

Cover photo: Wikiwand CC BY-SA 4.0


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