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First train from Europe to Asia

The first international train coming from Europe towards Asia through Marmaray tunnel has crossed Bosphorus.

The passenger train set produced by Stadler for Azerbaijan Railways, which departed from Switzerland on 16th of March, heading Azerbaijan, had been waiting at Halkali for Bosphorus pass. After the last HST from Konya arrived Halkali, the set, being hauled by a TCDD Tasimacilik’s E68000 loco, departed from Halkali at 00:30 using 3rd line of Marmaray, passed through Marmaray tunnel and got out to surface at around 01:10 at Ayrilikcesme.

Thus, the first international transport between two continents through Marmaray tunnel was successfully done.

General Manager of Eksper Rail was also at Ayrilikcesmesi. He said “we are proud of being involved in the first international transport between two continents through Marmaray”.

Now the question is that if the international trains continue to use Marmaray tunnel or not. Though there are some positive statements, hesisations of all parties continue. Marmaray has proven that it’ll be the backbone of urban transport in Istanbul by carrying 3.3 mn in its first week. Thus, it would not be an easy decision do add international trains to this dense traffic.

Baku train crossing Marmaray tunnel

Cover photo: Onur Uysal ©


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