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New Kars train to start on 29th of May

The first tourism train from Ankara to Kars will depart on 29th of May.

The most popular overnight train of Turkey, Dogu Express, will have a sister within this month. New train will aim only the travellers.

New train will have only sleepers. Different than Dogu Express which calls at 53 stations on way, this train will stop at 2 stations for longer time period, which will give travellers chance to have excursions. The travel time will be 27 hours, 3 hours longer than Dogu Express.

Tourism train will call at Kemah and Erzurum while traveling from Ankara to Kars, and call at Divrigi and Bostankaya on return.

Ankara Kars tourism train route and stops

Train will have only sleepers with two berths. Train has 6 wagons, each having 10 compartments. Total capacity is 120 passengers. There’ll be a dining car as well.

Train will depart from Ankara at 20:00 and from Kars at 23:00.

Fare has not been announced yet, but is expected to be much higher than fare of Dogu Express since it’ll not be subsidise.

Timetable, fares and other details of Touristic Dogu Express

Cover photo: Jeff Hawken ©

9 replies »

  1. What does it mean exactly “for longer time period”? Is the detailed timetable available?

    • Most probably around 2 hrs/station allowing excursions. Timetable is not available yet.

    • do you have any news about the booking possibilities?
      is their a separate Website ? I’m need a sleeper for the 2nd of june.

  2. This looks like a fantastic initiative. Turkey should do more to promote its rail network to tourists!

  3. Where will the stock come from? Are they using the stock of the Baku train?

  4. Today I see, that the DoguExpress already drive in a short version ( just seat and 1 sleeping wagon – which is already full on the first booking date for 2nd june).
    Do you have any informations about the booking possibilities?

    • It seems, starting with new train, so by 29th of May, Dogu Express’s original version will not have sleepers on sale.


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