600 - Marmaray - OnurRail Freight

Marmaray opened for freight trains

Preparations for freight trains to cross Bosphorus via Marmaray tunnel is completed.

After passenger traffic started from Gebze to Halkali via tunnel, freight trains were on the queue to use Marmaray. Last week first commercial freight train had successfully crossed Bosphorus via Marmaray tunnel. The container train carrying magnesite departed from Cukurhisar and crossed to European side using Marmaray line and continued towards Austria.

Marmaray Tunnel is now getting prepared for China train. The train, which departed from China, will be the second commercial freight train using Marmaray. There’ll be a ceremony on 5th of November at Halkali and train will then continue towards Czechia.

With some exceptions like dangerous goods, the rail traffic between two continents are expected to be done via Marmaray. Freight trains will pass through Marmaray Tunnel after midnight when passenger trains do not work.

TCDDT aims to get some share from transit traffic with the help of Marmaray pass. The container trains to Europe may also start departing from Asian side since Marmaray will enable fast and reliable crossing of Bosphorus.

Cover photo: Onur Uysal ©

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