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Ankara pass opened for China train

The China-Turkey-Europe train passed through Ankara, which kept closed to freight traffic for a long time.

The China train had departed from Xian two weeks ago and had entered Turkey using Baku-Tbilisi-Kars line last week. There’ll be a ceremony on 5th of November at Halkali. Train is not only the first train from China to Europe via Turkey, but also the first transit freigt train passing through Marmaray tunnel.

China train has also been the first freight train passing through Ankara, which was kept closed for a long time. The container train which is running from Xian region of China to Prag terminal of Czechia had crossed Ankara on 28th of October.

China train route

This is the first commercial freight train going through Ankara pass. Due to Baskentray project, freight trains were not allowed to pass Ankara since July 2016. The freight trains running between east and west of Ankara had been using Konya route for more than 3 years.

Cover photo: Steve Hobson ©


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