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Samsun railway opened

The railway stretch connecting Samsun to national rail network opened yesterday.

The Samsun-Kalin railway, which was kept closed due to renewal project since 5 years opened yesterday. The 378-km-long railway is now signalized and trains can move faster. The travel time between Samsun and Sivas is now almost half, about 5 hours.

The bottlenecks of the line was upgraded. With higher speed and signalization, rail capacity increases by 150% reaching to 51 trains/day. The main stations on way were renewed and become disabled-friendly.

The line was closed in 2015 June. Contract deadline was set as 900 days, but delayed almost 2.5 years.

The railway connects Samsun Port, one of the important ports of Black Sea, to Turkish cities. The rail ferry used to run between Samsun and Kavkaz ports, getting an important share from Turkey-Russia rail freight. Before closure, Samsun-Sivas, Samsun-Amasya, Amasya-Hacibayram and Amasya-Havza trains used to give service on this line. After pandemic restrictions ended, passenger trains will restart on Samsun railway.

Cover photo: TCDD ©

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  1. Good to know, can,t wait for pandemic to be over to resume travel to Turkey. Had a wonderful experience with the Station Master at Ankara station when waiting to embark on the overnight train bank to Istanbul, He looked after our luggage while went upstairs to have something to eat and then brought us each,( four ladies) little paper cup of coffee from the dining car. September 2019. The gentleman needs a medal or at least a gold star.

    • I was on the line many years ago before renovation between Amasya and Samsun. A beautiful journey in a great country. Good news that the line has reopened and the YHT between Ankara and Sivas will open soon. Ïyi Haber.

  2. I travelled on the line over 40 years ago and would love to do it again.
    Some people are saying the line was supposed to be electrified. Is this true? I didn’t think it is one of the lines to be electrified at present.

  3. How can I find out about the schedule for September from Mersin to Istanbul? Time of departure, and prices in liras or dollars? Please, help.


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