Urban Transport

Metro and tram in Turkish cities – 2020

782 km network, 2798 cars

The total urban rail network length of Turkish cities is 782 km. 250 km of this is suburban lines which are a part of national rail network. Rest are metro and tram lines.

İstanbul has the longest network, and İzmir comes right after. More than half of the urban rail network is in these two cities. The length of network in each city is as follows:

Urban rail network length in Turkish cities 2020

On these lines, 2798 cars are running. Half of them are running in İstanbul. Ankara has the second biggest fleet, though being 3rd in network length list. Number of metro/tram/suburban cars in each city is as follows:

Rolling stock fleet size in Turkish cities 2020

Note that in this table, each car of suburban and metro cars and set of tram sets are counted.

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  1. Great article. Thanks for the annual performance overview of rail based, public transportation in Turkey.

  2. The trains in Izmir are superb. Having been away from the city for a long time, I was very impressed by cost, cleanliness, comfort and frequency. Well done.


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