Urban Transport

Metro and tram in Turkish cities – 2020

Which cities have metro, tram and suburban systems, which ones have wider usage, which ones are more efficient, ?

As Rail Turkey, we are publishing the comparative analysis of metro and tram systems in Turkish cities every year. Here below is the fifth one:

No change in network length and rolling stock

In last one year, there was almost no change in urban rail systems in Turkey. The total network increased by 4 km and reached to 782 km.

There was no change in fleet either. No rolling stock is added to any fleet.

There are 2 metro and 3 tram lines in 3 cities to be commissioned in a couple of months. The effects will be seen in next year’s research.

Ridership increased by 130 million

Though nothing changed in network nor fleet, positive trend in ridership continued this year. The recently opened lines have started running full capacity, after-midnight-services started, more buses are integrated with rail systems. With all these changes, the passengers travelled by rail systems increased by 130 million in 2019 and annual ridership has reached to 1.46 billion.

People started using rail transport more

The increase in ridership is more than increase in the population of city centers having rail solutions. Ridership per person increased from 45.2 to 45.8.

In this year’s research, unfortunately, we could not access to ridership info of Gaziantep tram and Adana metro. Our request for info is not answered. These two cities are evaluated only in network length and fleet size tables.

Here are the results of Urban Rail Research 2020′:

Cover photo: İzmir Metropolitan Municipality ©

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  1. Great article. Thanks for the annual performance overview of rail based, public transportation in Turkey.

  2. The trains in Izmir are superb. Having been away from the city for a long time, I was very impressed by cost, cleanliness, comfort and frequency. Well done.


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