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Metro and tram in Turkish cities – 2020

Widest network relative to population in İzmir

In the list of widest rail network compared to city population, İzmir is on the top. THere’s 143 km rail network for every million citizens. Ankara is second on the list with 115 km. İstanbul, having the longest rail network and highest ridership, is third on this list. Kayseri goes upwards in this list where Antalya goes downwards.

Network per population in Turkish cities 2020

İstanbul is most efficient, Bursa comes next

Ridership per km is one of the best indicators showing how well the routes of rail is chosen. This ratio shows if the investments were done to correct routes and if the integration with other public transport systems done well.

İstanbul, as expected due to high population and metro investments, is on the top of the list. Bursa, surprisingly, is second on the list. This is quite important, since Bursa has a light rail/surface metro. Though surface metros have lower capacity, Bursa manages to carry 2 million per km every year with this cheaper investment compared to metros.

Akçaray delights, Expo line upsets

Though Kocaeli has a very dense population, it was a question mark if new 10-km-long tram would attract citizens or not. 11.5 million pax were carried with tram in 2019 in its second year, which shows that the route is selected well.

Antalya is at the bottom of the list, which needs to be discussed in detail. Antalya tram’s second phase is connecting airport and Expo to city center. 18-km-long tram is passing through low-density residential areas. Moreover, tram is not the fastest way of accessing city center, since tram is slow and calling at many stations on way. Expo line carries so few pax that took Antalya to the bottom of the list.

Rail efficiency in Turkish cities 2019
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  1. Great article. Thanks for the annual performance overview of rail based, public transportation in Turkey.

  2. The trains in Izmir are superb. Having been away from the city for a long time, I was very impressed by cost, cleanliness, comfort and frequency. Well done.


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