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New Kayseri tram project at a glance

Engineering works started last weekend at Kayseri for new tram line.

Anafartalar-HST station tram

Works for Kayseri’s new tram line project, Anafartalar-HST station, had started last weekend with a ceremony. Here are some facts about the project:

Transport lines to be connected

New tram line will connect existing tram line, current and future bus station, two rail lines and future HST line.

Anafartalar – HST station tram route

Tram line is passing by the existing main bus station. However new main bus station is planned for the city. The tram line is also passing by the new area reserved for this. Kayseri is a hub for buses to Erciyes ski restort, Cappodicia and for many transit buses to east, which will be connected to city center with this line.

One stop of tram line is next to railway to city center. Keykubat station on that line is 1 km away from tram line. This station may be used for interchange from passenger trains to buses and HSTs.

Engineering works of Kayseri HST line has not started yet. However, Kayseri is only 150 km from Yerkoy, station of Ankara-Sivas HST line soon to open. Place for Kayseri’s HST station is already determined, on the north pass railway line. Tram’s last station will be this area.

Hospital, university, shopping mall

The city hospital is on route of the tram line. There’ll be 3 tram stops along the hospital campus. The tram line is being constructed by Ministry of Transport, similar to other 3 cities, İstanbul, Kocaeli and Bursa, where ministry started tram/metro projects for city hospitals.

There’s a university campus, Nuh Naci Yazgan University, close to tram line, about 600 meters from campus enterance. Students will need tram and tram will need students. Thus most probably, shuttles will run between university and tram stop.

Tram line will connect furniture industry to city, which is quite important for Kayseri. There’ll be 3 stops along this area, one of which will also be used for new main bus station. Another of these stops will be just in front of the shopping mall, which is told to be the biggest of Turkey.

7 km, 14 stations, 50k daily passengers

The tram line is 7 km long with 14 stops. The daily ridership of Kayseri is expected to increase by 50k when this line starts operation. Currently, daily ridership is slightly over 100k.

Anafartalar-YHT Garı tram stops

Line is being constructed along fast developing area of city. With city hospital with 20k daily visitors, university of 3500 students and main bus station, the target may soon be caught.

Furthermore, new facilities on that area will most probably attract more residents in the future.

Commercial service in 2023

Engineering works of tram is expected to be completed in 2 years. Tram will be constructed on a plain area out of city center, no long delay is expected. Construction is expected to be completed in late 2022. Commercial service may start after tests, probably in in 2023.

Local production required for tram sets

5 tram sets will be purchased for this line. The travel time is around 21 minutes, which means service every 15 minutes will be possible.

On the other hand, ridership is 100k in Kayseri with 69 sets, thus 50k with 5 more sets seems hard. Some of the current sets may be used in this line.

In these 5 sets, 60% localization will be required. In this case two manufacturers will have advantage: Bozankaya and Durmazlar. Kayseri’s last 31 sets are from Bozankaya. For management of maintanance and spare parts, Bozankaya may be prefered.

Next step: Airport

One of the two more planned tram projects of Kayseri is HST Station-Meydan-Gültepe. This is like an extension of Anafartalar-HST station line, which will meet with existing tram line again in city center, forming a loop line. This project will have a connection to airport. It’ll pass through the city center with and underground tunnel of 4.6 km. Thus, that line will be harder and more expensive. It will be surprising if that project starts before T3 is commissioned.

Cover photo: Kayseri Ulaşım ©


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