Rail Freight

First export train departed for China

The first train from Turkey to China departed.

The container train carrying refrigrators produced at BSH’s Cerkezkoy plant departed from Istanbul, after the ceremony held at Kazlicesme. After having crossed Marmaray train will follow Kars-Tbilisi-Baku railway leading to China.

While the rail freight traffic increases between Turkey and Central Asia after Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway opened, China traffic had also started. China’s One Road-One Belt strategy for developing new economical and political bonds all along China-Europe has supported many rail connections between China and West, one of which is Xian-Kosekoy.

The service, represented by Pasifik Eurasia in Turkey, had organized 10 westbound trains until now, carrying around 1000 TEU. The service had faced difficulties during pandemic, but now is getting prepared for regular service again.

Backloads are essential for this service. This first train from Turkey to China is loaded by BSH, white goods producer at Cerkezkoy. Having a rail connected site, BSH is using trains very effectively between Turkey and Europe. This train to China is carrying 1400 refrigrators in 42 containers.

For transports between China and Turkey, there are three options: Airline is faster, but with very high rates. Sea is the cheapest with transit time over 30 days.

Rail is in the middle in terms of price and transit time. Trains from Xian to Kosekoy had completed 8700-km-long route in 12-18 days.

Pasifik Eurasia is stating that the trains met the expactations, thus weekly trains may start soon, early next year.

Cover photo: Rail Turkey ©

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