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Money will flow into metro projects

Money will flow into metro and tram projects in Turkish cities this year.

The budget for rail projects in Turkish cities has increased by 50% in 2021, Municipilatiies, Ministry of Transport and Ilbank have allocated 26 bn TL (€# 3 bn) for 33 rail projects in 12 cities:

Rail projects in Turkish cities 2021 (mn TL)

Greatest part of this amount will be spent for metro projects. In additon to 17 new metro lines, there are 2 extension projects and a metro car purchase. 26 bn TL will be spent for these 20 projects in 5 cities: Istanbul, Izmir, Mersin, Konya and Kocaeli.

The rest of the amount, 3 bn TL, is for tram, LRV and suburban projects: Second phase of Golden Horn tram in Istanbul, Cigli tram line project and Konak tram car purchase in Izmir, new tram lines in Antalya and Diyarbakir, tram car purchase in Eskisehir, new line and extension project in Kayseri, extension project in Kocaeli, rail car purchase for Gaziray and Konyaray.

Rail projects in Turkish cities 2021 (mn TL)

Two third of all investment (17 bn TL) is provided by municipalities where one third by Ministry of Transport (8.5 bn TL). The details of budgets are as follows:

Rail projects in Turkish cities 2021 (mn TL)

Ministry of Transport takes over rail projects that connects new public projects like airport, hospital, HST station. The projects that are funded by ministry are as follows:

Urban rail projects of Ministry of Transport (mn TL)

Both ministry and the municipalities started to prioritize the projects. While some of the existing projects get 0 budget, where some get really high amounts. Istanbul Airport metro is on the top of list of ministry from the beginning. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality focused on opening of Mecidiyekoy-Mahmutbey metro and Halic tram in 2020. This year, Umraniye-Goztepe metro connecting two dense residential areas (Goztepe and Atasehir) and Istanbul Financial Center (soon to open) is on the top of list. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality started 2 metro and 1 tram project, where Buca metro has the top priority and budget. High budget is allocated also for first metro lines of Konya and Mersin. Here are the rail projects that have got over 500 mn TL budgets this year:

Rail projetcs with high budgets 2021 (mn TL)

Cover photo: Onur Uysal ©


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