Railway Infrastructure

2021 plans for HST projects

The investment budget of 2021 for 12 high speed lines has become clear.

As 2021 investment program published, this year’s funds for HST line works became clear. Here are the current status and 2021 plans for 12 HST projects in Turkey.

Ankara Istanbul HST line is close to end

Though service starts between Ankara and Eskisehir in 2009 and between Ankara and Istanbul in 2014, engineering works continue in some parts of line between Bozuyuk and Sapanca. 1.2 bn TL (€ 135 mn) is allocated this year to complete Dogancay and T26 tunnels. The travel time between Istanbul and Ankara may shorten by half an hour next year. The part between Dogancay and Sapanca is expected to be completed in 2023.

Ankara Istanbul HST line 2021

Trains to run on Sivas HST line this year

293 km of 405-km-long Ankara-Sivas HST line is already completed, trial runs continue. Engineering works continue between Kayas and Yerkoy. 2 bn TL (€ 225 mn) will be spent this year for this line. 95% of the project is expected to be completed by the end of year. Trains will start service this year for sure.

Ankara Sivas HST line 2021

Ankara Izmir speed line to speed up

As Sivas HST line is very close to end, Izmir speed line will be the next to complete. Ankara-Izmir (or rather Polatli-Izmir) project has got one of the biggest share from budget: 2.6 bn TL (€ 290 mn). 12% is completed until now. This line is the most expensive one among all speed line projects. Deadline is 2025.

Polatli Afyon Izmir speed line 2021

Huge budget for Mersin Adana Gaziantep line

2.9 bn TL (€ 325 mn) is allocated for Mersin Adana Gaziantep high standart railway. This project involves renewal of Adana-Mersin railway as 4 tracks, electrified and signalized, connection to Cukurova Airport under construction between Adana and Mersin, Turkey’s longest rail tunnel between Bahce and Nurdagi (10 km) and Gaziantep city pass. Deadline is 2025.

Mersin Adana Gaziantep speed line 2021

Works restarted in Bursa line

Engineering works suspended several times after kick-off in 2012 in Bursa line. Only ground works could be completed between Bursa and Yenisehir. The part that will connect line to national network, Yenisehir-Osmaneli could not start. Last year tender opened for remaining ground works and all superstructure (laying of rail, electrification, signalization). Tender also includes an extension to Bandirma. By the end of this year, 25% of all project will be completed. Deadline is 2025.

Osmaneli Bursa Bandirma speed line 2021

Konya Karaman to open at last

Engineering works starter in 2014 for this 102-km-long double track line. Laying of rail was completed in early 2017 and opened for rail traffic. Electrification was completed in late 2018. As signalization has come to end, HST service will start this year.

Konya Karaman speed line 2021

First phase of Halkali Kapikule progresses fast

The only connection to Europe is currently a single track line. Though rails were renewed, the infrastructure is quite old. The new line is being constructed as double track line with high standards, where both passenger and freight trains can run. The first phase, Cerkezkoy-Kapikule, which is partially funded by EU, is progressing fast. This year’s budget for this part is 1.3 bn TL ( € 150 mn). 150 mn TL (€ 17 mn) is allocated for the other part (Halkali-Cerkezkoy), very little to be done.

Halkali Cerkezkoy Kapikule speed line 2021

Karaman Ulukisla line gets ahead

The speed line connecting Konya to Mersin and Adana is being constructed in three parts. Karaman-Ulukisla is the second part after Konya-Karaman. As 700 mn TL (€ 80 mn) is allocated this year, more than half of the project will be completed. Deadline is 2023,

Karaman Ulukisla speed line 2021

No fund for four lines

There are 4 more lines in the investment plans. However these got either very little funds or nothing at all.

Sivas-Erzincan speed line has a total value of 7 bn TL, where 600 mn TL was spent until now, 100 mn TL will be spent this year.

Gebze-Sabiha Gokcen Airport-3rd Bosphorus Bridge-Istanbul Airport-Halkali speed line project is the second most expensive HST project (36 bn TL). The project has not started yet, and it’ll not start this year.

9 bn TL worth Yerkoy Kayseri speed line has not started yet. No fund for this year.

17 bn TL worth Aksaray Ulukisla Yenice speed line will both connects Aksaray to national rail network and will extend the new line under construction (Karaman-Ulukisla) to Mersin and Adana. Works have not started yet. No fund for this year.

Cover photo: TCDD ©


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