Rolling Stock

What TCDDT will invest in rolling stock?

TCDD Tasimacilik will spend 900 million TL (€ 100 mn) for its fleet this year.

In 2021 investment budget, 950 million TL is allocated for TCDD Tasimacilik. 824 mn of this will be used for new rolling stock and maintanance and modernization of current fleet.

Budget for diesel locos

TCDD Tasimacilik was expected to invest in electric locos rather than diesel, due to new electrified streches. Turasas was getting prepared with its new model, E5000. This didn’t happen. 96 mn TL is allocated for new locos, all for diesel. This amount is one fourth of “20 diesel locos”. Most probably, this will be spent for new Powerhauls from Turasas.

194 - Powerhaul - Jeff
GE Powerhaul. Photo: Jeff Hawken

68 mn for EMUs

Though all passenger trains are suspended due to Covid-19, 66 million Tl is allocated for Turasas’s new EMU. This amount is price for about one set.

Turasas’s EMU. Photo: Tubitak

2 new shunting machines

Fund is allocated for two new shunting machines, one from each recently introduced machines. Electric E1000 and hybrid HSL-700.

884 - HSL 700 - Tulomsas
HSL 700. Photo: Turasas

ERTMS equipment for locos

TCDD Tasimacilik will equipped all its locos with ERTMS component, which inform loco driver about way and pushes loco according to signalization. Aselsan also produces this equipment. This year, 44 million TL will be spent, which means about 85 loco will be equipped.

Huge budget for maintanance and modernization

Huge amount is allocated for maintanance and modernization of locomotives: 293 million TL. This much amount was seen since 2019, but was never spent. This may either mean revision of a big portion of the current fleet or modernization of a possible purchase of 2nd hand locos.

Greatest share for wagons

One third of the total investment budget, around 300 million TL, is allocated for purchase and modernization of freight wagons. TCDD Tasimacilik has started investing in container wagons which used to be dominated by private companies. TCDDT owned container wagons started running in Europe for the first time. Many container wagons have started to be used in Baku-Tbilisi-Kars traffic. TCDDT had even converted many Ga type old wagons to container wagons. Container wagons seem to lead the wagon investment also this year.

718 - Turkrail first train
Sggmrs konteyner vagonu. Foto: Turkrail

Cover photo:  Jeff Hawken ©


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