Rolling Stock

Last Velaro on way

The last Velaro set produced for Turkey is on way.

Last set of the 12-sets-order of TCDD Tasimacilik had departed from Germany on Monday. The set was seen in Romania yesterday and is expected to enter Turkey this weekend.

On the last set, it is written “Next stop: Ankara – Turkey” in Turkish. And on accompany coach of Rail Adventure, the rail company organizing the transport, there’s a butterfly with flags of Germany and Turkey on wings.

Velaro TR. Foto: Jörg T.

With this set, the number of Siemens Velaro sets will reach to 19, and together with CAF HST sets to 31 in total.

Each new train set has 45 business class seat, 3 business class compartments each having 4 seats,  424 economy class seats and space for wheel chairs. Total passenger capacity of the train is 483. The restaurant cars in new sets have modern look with 33 seat capacity.

When all sets start operation, daily departures is planned to increase 76, annual ridership to 14 million.

Cover photo: Jörg T. ©


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