Rail Freight

New route for Balkan loads

Results are started to be taken to transport containers of Balkan region via Tekirdag.

Another important step is taken to make Asyaport a hub port for Balkan regioan and Central Europe. 20 containers of cocoa loaded at Ivory Coast were unloaded at Asyaport, transhipped to train at Tekirdag, taken to Plovdiv by train and taken to final destination, Parvomai by trucks.

Before, containers were coming to Asyaport, transported to Burgas Port by feeders and taken to final destination from there by trucks. This new route will provide less cost and shorter transit time.

The first trial train from Tekirdag to Bulgaria was organized last November, carrying container and semi trailers from Turkey to Bulgaria. Yesterday, the containers which were sold based on this new route, were carried for the first time.

Train had departed from Medlog’s Tekirdag terminal, which is built for train connections to Asyaport. 5 container trains are arriving at this terminal, 3 from Istanbul and 2 from cities like Izmit, Ankara, Eskisehir, carrying total annual volume of 1.5 million tons.

Cover photo: MSC


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