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High speed rail guide of Turkey 2021

In addition to 2 high speed lines in operation, engineering works continue in 7 lines and 4 more lines are in plans.

High speed lines in operation, under construction and planned 2021

4 HST services on 2 lines in operation

Currently, there are 2 high speed lines in Turkey, where 4 services are running.

Ankara Istanbul high speed line

This is the first high speed line of Turkey. First phase was opened in 2009. Engineering works still continue on two sections of this 533-km-long line.

Polatli Konya high speed line

This 212-km-long line is the only high speed line that allows speed of 300 km/h. The line connects Konya to Istanbul and Ankara. It was commissioned in 2011.

Polatli Konya high speed line

The second high speed line of Turkey, Polatli-Konya is one of the fastest and cheapest very high speed railways in the world..

2 lines to start service this year

In two lines, engineering works are completed. Test runs continue.

Konya Karaman high speed line

As signalization tests completed, the high speed train service will speed, probably in May 2021. Other passenger and freight trains already started using this 102-km-long line.

Ankara Sivas high speed line

406-km-long line will connect Kirikkale, Yozgat and Sivas to HSL network. Engineering works continue between Ankara and Kirikkale. HST service is expected to start by summer, using conventional line temporarily for this incompleted section.

Engineering works continue in 5 lines

Engineering works continue on 5 lines, all with max speed of 200 k/h. Other trains will also use these lines.

Polatlı Izmir high speed line

With this line, HSL network will reach to Aegean Sea. With a design change, max speed was dropped down to 200 km/h this year. This 508-km-long line has the highest total cost among all. Polatli-Afyonkarahisar is planned to open first.

Bandirma Bursa Osmaneli high speed line

After a couple of changes, the route is fixed as Osmaneli (on Istanbul-Ankara HSL), Bursa and Bandirma. With this 201-km-long line, Bursa will not only meet high speed trains, but also freight trains.

Halkali Kapikule high speed line

The old line connecting Istanbul to Europe since Ottoman times, will soon have an alternative. 229-km-long double track line will be used both by passenger and freight trains.

Karaman Ulukisla high speed line

Second phase of line connecting Konya to Mersin-Adana-Gaziantep HSL. Engineering works continue on this 135-km-long line. Considerable budget is allocated this year for the line, which is planned to be commissioned in 2023.

Mersin Gaziantep high speed line

Within the scope of this 311-km-long HSL with max speed of 200 km/h, Adana-Mersin section with dense traffic will be 4 tracks, there’ll be a connection to Cukurova Airport under construction between Adana and Mersin, several tunnels will be built one of which is the longest rail tunnel in Turkey, and Gaziray project will be commissioned with 4 tracks and stations for suburban service. Tunnels of this line are currently under construction.

4 lines in plans

There are 4 more high speed lines in 2021 investment plans. However, almost no fund is allocated for this year.

Yerkoy Kayseri high speed line

This line will start at Yerkoy on Ankara-Sivas high speed line and end at Kayseri. Preliminary analysis of this 142-km-long line was completed. It’s expected to cost 9 bn TL. Construction works have not started yet.

Sivas Erzincan high speed line

Ankara-Sivas high speed line is planned to be extended until Erzincan. Grounding works have started in first phase of this project, with a very small fund.

Aksaray Ulukisla Yenice high speed line

Ulukisla-Yenice section of this 196-km-long high speed line is a part of line connecting Konya to Adana and Mersin. Thus, this part is expected to start with prior to the rest of the project. When completed, Aksaray will meet railway. Project has not started yet.

Adapazari 3rd Bridge Halkali high speed line

The plans of connecting two airports via new bridge on Bosphorus to Halkali has changed this year. Old plans was a 124-km-long line starting from Gebze. New start point is Adapazari. The length of the line is now 213 km. Cost is more than tripled, 11 to 36 bn TL. Project has not started yet.

Cover photo: Onur Uysal

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  1. High-speed rail in Turkey
    Before you go on the train you get to go through a security search where you can’t even bring a pocket knife in your luggage. On the train the restaurant is closed, you can’t even buy a soft drink, the bathrooms have no soap or paper towels, the train keeps slowing down for I don’t know what every twenty minutes the overhead luggage bins are too small, and there is almost never any room in the communal luggage rack on the wagon. Avid riding this train if at all possible.


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