Railway Infrastructure

Konya Karaman high speed line to open in May

The high speed line connecting Konya to Karaman will be soon commissioned.

The first phase of Konya-Adana-Gaziantep high speed line, Konya-Karaman will be opened in May 2021. The single track conventional line between Konya and Karaman is reconstructed as electrified and signalized double track. All level crossings are eliminated allowing max speed of 200 km/h on line.

Konya Karaman high speed line

Konya-Karaman in 35 minutes

On this 102-km-long line, Ankara-Konya-Karaman and Istanbul-Konya-Karaman HSTs will run. The travel time between Konya and Karaman will drop from 75 to 35 minutes. It will take 2.5 hours between Karaman-Ankara and 6 hours between Karaman-Istanbul.

The line will be used also by Konya-Karaman regional trains and Cukurova Express between Konya and Adana. Line will also be used by freight trains.

Konya Karaman high speed line route

There are 3 stations between Konya and Karaman: Kasinhan, Cumra and Arikoren. Only regional trains are expected to call at all of them.

4 train services

Some of the HST services arriving at Konya will continue to Karaman. Konya-Karaman regional services that used to be done by DMUs will start to be given by EMUs. Toros Express that is running between Konya and Adana will also run on this line. HSTs are expected to run as soon as line opens, where others may wait for end of pandemic.

New HST sets to run

New Velaro sets that run on Ankara-Konya line will also arrive at Karaman. CAF sets will run on Karaman-Konya-Istanbul service.

Cover photo: TCDD ©


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