Sivas HST will be ready by summer

As tests started with HST set on Ankara Sivas high speed line, road map of the train has become clear.

After postponements due to delays in Ankara-Kirikkale section and change in plans in Sivas part, project has reached to a new phase early this week and details of Ankara-Sivas HST project has become more clear.

Sivas HST service to start in summer

Trial runs had started with HST sets on Ankara-Sivas HST line which are expected to last about 5 months. Unless an extraordinary situation is ercountered during test runs, Ankara-Sivas HST service will start in 2021 summer.

Ankara Sivas high speed line

Trains will slow down between Ankara and Kirikkale

Ground works still continue on 29-km-long stretch between Elmadag and Kirikkale where there are many tunnels and viaducts. Below drone shot was taken in October 2020 showing that opening of this section will not be possible within this year. Thus, similar to Ankara-Istanbul line, HSTs will use conventional line to cross this section together with freight and other trains. HST will shift to conventional line at Nenek station, go 94 km and will return back to HST line at Baliseyh station.

Ankara-Sivas YHT line Elmadag-Kirikkale section. October 2020. Video: YDA

Travel time 3 hours

The travel time for Ankara Sivas HST line was announced as 2 hours. But this will be valid when all works on line are completed. Though in first trial run it took 5:30 hours from Ankara to Sivas, this doesn’t show the real travel time either. The temporary usage of 94-km-long conventional line is expected to add up to 1 hour to total travel time. Thus Ankara-Sivas travel will take about 3 hours until Elmadag-Kirikkale section completed.

Nenek – Baliseyh HST line and conventional tracks
First trial run on Ankara-Sivas HST line. January 2021. Video: Dogus

11 stops, 400 km

The stations that train will call are also announced officially. After departing from Ankara, trains calls at Nenek. Here it’ll shift to conventional track and will call at Elmadag and Kirikkale stations which are also used by main line trains. Next station is Baliseyh, where train shifts back to HST line. Then train will call at Yerkoy, Yozgat, Sorgun, Akdagmagdeni and Yildizeli. Last stop is Sivas Train Station.

Ankara Sivas HST line

CAF sets to run

It’s officially not declared which sets will be used on this line. TCDD Tasimacilik has extended its fleet with 12 new Velaro sets. However, these sets have never been used in services to Istanbul, where conventional tracks are used. Probably, CAF sets will run on this line until Elmadag-Kirikkale section is completed.

Cover photo: Sivas Governership ©


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