17 May update for trains

As of 17 May, restrictions of full lockdown are drawn back.

As full lockdown ends by 17 May, train services are reorganized.

As of 17 May, number of daily HST services between Istanbul-Ankara will increase to 5 in each direction. Ankara-Eskisehir HST service restarts. Total number of HST services will reach again to 22 in total (11 in each direction).

Regional trains, which were all suspended during lockdown will start service in 20 routes by tomorrow. The routes are as follows:

  • Kapikule-Halkali
  • Adapazari-Pendik
  • Zonguldak-Karabuk
  • Ankara-Polatli
  • Basmane-Aydin-Denizli
  • Basmane-Manisa-Alasehir-Usak
  • Aydin-Denizli-Soke
  • Basmane-Catal-Tire
  • Basmane-Odemis
  • Sivas-Divrigi
  • Erzincan-Divrigi
  • Kars-Akyaka
  • Batman-Diyarbakir
  • Adana-Mersin
  • Iskenderun-Mersin
  • Islahiye-Mersin

Main line and international trains services will not start for a while.

Cover photo: Steve Hobson ©

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  1. Thanks for the update. The three week lockdown in Turkey was a great idea. Looks like normal life slowly is returning. But when will international trains return?

    • I don’t expect them to start before a permanent stable pandemic situation. But will publish at Rail Turkey any news about that.

    • Thanks so much for keeping an eye on the situation!!! Let us know.

  2. I am unable to buy YHT tickets from Ankara Gar to Istanbul on 29 may 2021 using website. The last available date for this trip is 21 may 2021.

    Is there some covid related restrictions?

    • Didn’t see one. So there is no chance to get to Istanbul via HST?

    • There’s. You just have to wait until 5 days prior to departure. This is because of adapting fast to updates or new rules due to covid.

  3. Hello. When will the train between Adana and Konya or Iskenderoun and Konya resume?


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