High speed trains at Halkali again

Some of the Istanbul-Konya and Istanbul-Ankara trains restart to depart from Halkali again.

Due to the engineering works at Halkali, Istanbul-Konya and Istanbul-Ankara HSTs and Ankara Express had been departing from Sogutlucesme. The works had been completed by December and some of the HSTs and Ankara Express restarted to depart from Halkali.

According to new timetables, one of the Istanbul-Konya HST services, one of the Istanbul-Ankara HST services and Ankara Express started to depart from Halkali. Similarly, 3 trains will reach at Halkali in opposite direction.

The trains will pass through Marmaray Tunnel, completing the Halkali-Sogutlucesme section in 45 minutes. These trains are calling at Bakirkoy as well, in addition to Halkali.

As of 12th of December, the number of HST departures on Ankara-Istanbul route had increased from 8 to 9 in each direction. Total number of HST services had reached to 42 per day.

Cover photo: Didem Yenmez ©


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