Railway Infrastructure

Electrification from Edirne to Adana

As electrification works are completed on Ankara-Kayseri stretch, transport becomes possible on electrified tracks from Edirne to Adana.

Last week, electrification works on Nenek-Sefaatli section of Ankara-Kayseri rail strech was commissioned. By this, the railway strech Edirne-Istanbul-Eskisehir-Ankara-Kayseri-Nigde-Adana has become completely electrified.

This electrification will enable usage of electric locos on this route, which will provide cost saving in energy and maintanance costs. The private train operator, Korfez Ulastirma, is densely using this route for fuel transport of Tupras between refineries at Izmit and Kirikkale.

With this strech, the electrified tracks of Turkish rail network have reached to 5931 km. Electrification works continue in several sections like Ankara-Sivas, Karaman-Ulukisla, Hanli-Cetinkaya and Gaziantep suburban lines, which is totally 847 km long. Electrification of Zonguldak-Kalin and Manisa-Usak-Afyon-Konya rail streches are also planned.

Cover photo: Jeff Hawken ©

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  1. Onur, I was wondering, Why are the long distance services avoiding Sivas such as the Dogu and Van Golu still, surely Sivas is fully operational as the Divrigi to Sivas local trains are running. Or is it a case of TCDD wanting to open it to YHT first.

    • Hi Andrew. There’s a technical reason behind that. The station is not ready yet, still getting prepared for HST, which will be used commonly by all trains in the future. One platform nearby is being used by Divrigi-Sivas trains, a DMU, which can easily be driven in both directions. However, main line trains need a second line to change position of loco on getting back, which is currently not possible. Instead, a free shuttle is running between Sivas and Bostankaya stations.


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