Rail fares rise again

Train ticket fares rise by 8-28%.

Train ticket fares are increased second time in April, third time in 2022. Increase is 8-16% for HSTs, 20-28% for others. With this update, Halkali-Ankara HST economy class fare increased from 110 TL in 1st of January to 168 TL, Ankara-Kars couchette from 93 TL to 217 TL, Ankara-Tatvan in sleeper from 173 TL to 312 TL, Adana-Mersin regional from 12 TL to 21 TL.

New HST ticket fares ares as follows:

Istanbul Ankara HST168 ₺252 ₺
Istanbul Konya HST201 ₺302 ₺
Ankara Konya HST67 ₺101 ₺
Ankara Eskisehir HST65 ₺98 ₺
High speed train fares (As of 04.18.2022)

New fares in overnight trains are as follows:

Dogu Express117 ₺217 ₺
Vangolu Express117 ₺217 ₺312 ₺
Guney Kurtalan Express108 ₺208 ₺303 ₺
Ankara Express147 ₺407 ₺
Izmir Mavi122 ₺295 ₺
Konya Mavi107 ₺257 ₺
4 Eylul Mavi79 ₺179 ₺
Overnight train fares (As of 04.18.2022)

New ticket fares for other trains are as follows:

6/17 Eylul Express59₺
Ege Express91₺
Erciyes Express46₺
Firat Express74₺
Pamukkale Express87₺
Toros Express51₺
Goller Express100₺
Ada Express36₺
Halkali Kapikule train58₺
Halkali Uzunkopru train52₺
Konya Karaman train35₺
Eskisehir Afyon train42₺
Eskisehir Kutahya train23₺
Eskisehir Tavsanli train39₺
Adana Mersin train21₺
Usak Express51₺
Izmir Denizli train58₺
Izmir Odemis train28₺
Zonguldak Karabuk train32₺
Mersin Iskenderun train53₺
Mersin Islahiye train56₺
Kars Akyaka train16₺
Ankara Polatli train23₺
Batman Diyarbakir train14₺
Elazig Tatvan train40₺
Erzincan Divrigi train35₺
Zonguldak Gokcebey train20₺
Izmir Alasehir train33₺
Izmir Nazilli train38₺
Manisa Alasehir train23₺
Soke Denizli train42₺
Soke Nazilli train23₺
Izmir Tire train23₺
Other train fares (As of 04.18.2022)

New fares are valid as of 18th of April.

Cover photo: Onur Uysal ©

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  1. Apparently fares have risen again. Couchettes on Doğu Ekspresi are 287 ₺ as of 2022/06/21.


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