First train to Sirkeci from Paris

Sirkeci, after several years, is getting prepared to host first passenger train in early September, Orient Express from Paris.

After a couple of years, Orient Express, the passenger train which gave its name to famous novel of Agatha Christie, is departing from Istanbul for Istanbul in August.

The last stop of train is expected to be Sirkeci, which was the station named Istanbul, being the departure station of all passengers trains to Europe, and then almost abondened when two sides of Istanbul was connected by a tunnel. Marmaray line is going under Sirkeci Station now where an underground station is constructed just under the Sirkeci Station, where only Marmaray suburban trains call. The overground line from Sirkeci to Yenikapi is still connected to national network, but only being used by Marmaray trains to park. With Orient Express, Sirkeci Station will host a commercial train for the first time after many years. There’s also a project by Ministry of Transport, where one track will be cancelled and rebuilt as lane for walking and cycling, where single track will be used for some passenger trains and a tram.

The full name of the train that is expected to arrive at Sirkeci is Venice Simplon-Orien-Express. It’ll depart from Paris, will cross Germany, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and will arrive at Istanbul. The travel time will be 5 nights and 6 days. Passenger will have chance to visit Budapest, Bucharest and Istanbul. Passengers of Paris-Istanbul will return back to Europe by plane leaving train for Istanbul-Paris passengers coming to Istanbul by plane. The price for cabins of Orient Express starts from £17.500.

Cover photo: Belmond ©

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