Optima Express departed

Optima Express started giving service between Austria and Turkey.

Optima Express, the passenger train carrying also cars between Villach, Austria and Edirne, Turkey during spring-autumn period, opened season by first departure from Villach on 21st of May. The train arrived at Edirne early on 23rd of May and returned back to Austria late on the same date.

The route starts at Austria, follows Slovenia, Crotia, Serbia and Bulgaria and ends at Turkey. The 1400-km-long travel lasts 32 hours. Train has 6-berth cabins and auto-carrier wagons, thus prefered by families living in Germany and willing to visit Turkey by their cars.

Train fares start from 164 €/person in 6-berth cabins. Motorcycle can be carried with a fare of 272 €, where prices start from 340 € for cars.

With some exceptions, train departs 3 days in a week in each direction until start of November.

Route, timetable and other details of Optima Express

Cover photo: Optima Tours ©

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  1. Hi, when is going to depart first train in 2023? Optima express website doesnt work now…


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