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62 exhibitors from Turkey in Innotrans

62 companies from Turkey will attend Innotrans as exhibitor this year. This number is 45% more compared to last Innotrans.

After a pandemic break in 2020, Innotrans will open its doors with 62 exhibitors from Turkey in 4 categories. 5 of them will display their vehicles in outdoor display, one of which will be presented as “world innovation”.

Here are exhibitors from Turkey in each category:

Public Transport

There are 7 companies in this category: Albayrak Makina, Asis Electronic, Durmazlar Makina, Karsan Automotive, Mobit Bilisim, Otokar, Piton Software.

Durmazlar manufacturing tram and LRV cars for 3 cities in Turkey and 2 cities in Europe, Otokar and Karsan which will present their buses in “bus display” area are some of the companies in this category.

Railway Infrastructure

There are 17 companies in this category: Aktif Electrotechnic, Egemet Egemetal, Elsitel Electromechanic, Emas Demir Celik, Er-Bakır, Guney Celik, Gurmak, Kardemir, Mipsan Makina, MZA, Ozkan Demir Celik, Panel, Sarkuysan, Tac Kaucuk, Ulusoy, Yapı Merkezi Idis, Yapiray.

Elsitel carrying out electrification/signalization projects in Marmaray, Gaziray, Sivas HST line, Tbilisi metro, Yapi Merkezi companies carrying out several railway projects in Africa, Kardemir which recently started producing rolling stock wheels can be seen in fair under this category.

Railway Technology

There are 26 companies in this category: Aktas Air Suspension, Asas Aluminium, Aselsan, Avitech, Haci Ayvaz, Babacan, Bimed, Bozankaya, Coskun Kaucuk, Era Makine, Esray Makina, FMC Hidrolik, Gage Otomotiv, Gok Yapi, Kanca El Aletleri, Kaykaç Makina, Ozar Group, Petes Makina, RC Endustri, Sistas Celik, Sonmez Transformator, Ministery of Transport and Infrastructure, TMS Mars Kaucuk, Tubitak, Turasas, Va-Ko Vagon.

Bozankaya presenting its Timisoara tram as “world innovations”, Gok Yapi and RC Endustri which manufacture freight wagons for Europe and present products in outdoor display, Turasas working on electric loco E5000, Aselsan and Tubitak carrying out several hi-tech projects in railway are top on the list in this category.


There are 12 companies in this category: Canray Transport, Epengle Textile, ERA Electronic, Ekta-d, Grebo Automotive, Huroglu Automotive, Orion Leather, Ortakci Cam, Pilot Seating, Sazcilar, Uyguner Leather, Vogelsitze.

Tunnel Construction

There are 35 companies from world under this category in Innotrans. Though there are several world-wide-known tunnel projects held in Turkey such as Marmaray, Avrasya, highway and HST tunnels, there are no exhibitors from Turkey under this category.

Cover photo: Onur Uysal ©


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